North Jersey Field Trip 01

North Jersey Field Trip 01

Legacy Coffee & Paper Plane Coffee Co.

On the Road
Legacy Coffee Bar as shot from the entrance

The New Jersey coffee scene is growing into more than just a weekend option for NYC commuter. As of November 2019 two shops have been added to the Montclair roster: Legacy Coffee on Glenridge Ave and Claremont Ave's Paper Plane Coffee which is less than a mile away.

Both shops are offering dialed in espresso drinks and milk bevs along with specially curated batch brew. The difference is where the coffee is coming from. On bar, and on the retail shelf you'll find familiar roasters (Denver's Sweetbloom when we stopped in) from the third wave along with up-and-coming roasters from New Jersey. Paper Plane on the other hand is roasting all of their program's beans in-house alongside their wholesale accounts.

Legacy's Sinéad and Paper Plane's Jonathan both expressed excitement about the growing coffee industry, but specifically the buzz around shops that are opening and maintaining in New Jersey.

Both shops are open and serving high quality brew - give them a visit.


Retail Shelf at Legacy
2X Cortados delivered by Sinéad at Legacy #GibsAllDay
Paper Plane's Owner and head roaster Jonathan Shows off some green beans from La Palma y el Tucan

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